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Sci- Fi What Comes Next?

The grade fives working on a sci fi story in writers work shop. We have to write a fiction story about sci-fi and try make it as real as possible.
I’ve learnt that science fiction can be set anywhere. And that writing sci-Fi is just using your imagination. Making up anything that could be real in the future.








Powerfull persuasive writing

What is persuasive writing? Well that’s what we are learning about in class.

We have been constructuring a very powerful text called
Persuasive. Its when you are making your point clear to
Make people believe you.

Would you believe that there is so much more things involved with persuasive writing like…….. Stating you opinion very clear before you can go on with you text.
I really really want to have more practice on a conclusion in my text as it will make my text EVEN MORE powerful.

My Amazing Trip in Bright

Over my amazing long weekend I went camping in bright.

I went with my mum,two brothers and our friends. When we were there,there was so many Things to do like swim in the river or go to the water whole. At the water whole there was a swing  and you had to hold on and swing off a tree and let go when you are over the water. Some of the people that were there could do a back flip and a front flip. When it was night time all of the boys there played hide and seek.

Mashmallow time.