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Term 2 Learning Goal

In your life you  will always  need a learning goal. You will need a learning goal for maths, reading, writing and others. I will set a long term goal and a short term goal because some things will take me longer to do.

Setting goals will help me be a better learner.
My long  term is to read more  fluently and to do that I will read to someone else and I will get their feedback about how I read.

My short term learning goal is I need to do better with my sizzling starts when I am writing and I can do that by getting people to read it and if they get hooked in that will mean that it is a good sizzling start.

My maths goal is to work on my 7 times tables. I can sing them or roll a dice and I can also use a pack of cards.

My short term goal will be edit my work before I get it checked. I can do that by going slower and using a check list or a red pen edit.