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Political Party Day

Political parties was today, 27/6/17.  The grade sixes made a party that would get good votes. But the party had to be something that was realistic. In my group there was Mitch, Milly, Mady, Madi, Amy and I. Our group voted on make our school sport better. Our party was called Sporting Paradise. Some things that went well were that we got a heap of people to vote for us by greeting them at the door and telling them what our party was about. But there were a couple of bad things were that we were right next to a group that were trying to bribe people with lollies and there were always a massive line but then again after they had been to them they came to us so that was alright. Our leader Milly wasn’t.  I was sometime away from my table as I was looking at other people’s party so that I could vote. I voted our group first.  I think as a group we worked really well together and we got most of our things done. I think next time our group needs to all contribute to what we are doing. Go onto my sample page to find more on the click here tab. Click the last two photos to see the captions.