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What a loooong night. The biggest concert ever. Last night the whole school had to perform a dance.
Our class performed the song Dynamite. In performing arts we have Mrs Coote. We had to choose a song, our class chose Dynamite. We started making up moves but the moves didn’t suit the song so we followed the Just Dance disc. After we got the hang of the moves we started doing it without watching the Just Dance video. Our class decided that the ending on the disc wasn’t very good, so close to the end we all got into a semi circle and some people got to do tricks. I was allowed to do a trick. My trick was juggling a soccer ball with my feet.

I felt nervous and happy before the performance because of the effort we put in to be able to perform in front of the school and parents. We had to practice the dance for months. I was also proud because I was chosen to juggle the ball. During the dance I felt nervous because I knew I had to juggle in front of the school but at the end I was so happy that I didn’t mess up my juggling. In the school practice I messed up and the ball almost rolled off the stage.

Get Back Up!

Resilience is when something goes wrong but you don’t give up or you don’t let it bother you. It is an art of bouncing back.
Today’s dance and song showed a lot about being resilient. The words in the song titanium has all the correct words on showing resilience. Words like “you shoot me down but I get up.” “I am titanium.”
I have shown resilience when I was practicing sporting tricks and I never gave up and now I can do it easy.