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Hi Dude,

Yesterday at our student led conference we showed our learning over 2 semesters at school. We showed our Pixel Art for maths and our X tables. For literacy we showed our writers work shop and our spelling words. For Inquiry we shared our letter of complaint and our great thinkers key. I know you knew all that because your me and I’m you.

We did really well with what and how we shared our professional work. I think we spoke well and our pace was better than anyones. Now that just shows how great we are working as a team.

After all that bragging there’s still is some things that we can probably improve on, like our eye contact. That was terrible it was like we couldn’t look because our mum and dad were way too scary to look at! And also we could have told mum and dad our goals for our spelling words.

Ok bro have to go but can’t wait to see you in Grade 6.

Your sincerely, your best bro Jarrod.