Global Effect!

Today we had a very knowledgeable lady come in and tell us about climate change. Her name was Ceri a meteorologist and a climatologist. Cows are a big threat to climate change as when they fart there is methane coming out. Humans are the biggest threat to the CO2 in the atmosphere because of big factories letting out pollution ect.

There are numbers of gasses in the air that are effecting climate change such as methane, greenhouse and CO2. Global warming is happening now and is true. There is lots of proof that it is happening, 97% of scientists have proof that humans are the biggest threats to global warming and that it is real. Only 3% of scientists think it is a load of rubbish. But those scientists are getting payed by petrol company’s or are a different science specialist.

There’s proof of climate change off photos, graphs, ice caps melting and oceans are getting warmer. In the big scheme of things 1 or 2 degrees warmer does not make a big difference to us but to animals and plants that is like 30 degrees warmer. Farming cattle is bad to the atmosphere because they fart and create methane. So if we stop eating so much red meat we don’t have as much cow which means not as much methane in the air.

So now you know what happens when pollute our air. So try and do something different in your every day life. EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS!!!


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