Water, Water, Water!¿?

Wow, I never realised how precious water is. Water is being wasted every day and you don’t even know. Today we had a western water presentation. It was great learning how important water is. 5 litres of water will go down the drain in 5 seconds when you have a shower that is heaps.
We had to make an argument on a curtain topic. My group had to explain why we should use lunch containers instead of plastic bags. We had to act as we were in court and present it to the judge. In our group was Lauren Darcy and myself. I learnt that Queensland has a keep it clean day and it is just using lunch boxes for a whole day at school.
I learnt that a 1 litre disposable plastic bottle of water cost $2 and up to $7 at the footy, cricket ect. Where as you can have 725 glasses of water at home and it only cost 10c. That is so cheap.20161110-104843.jpg


  1. Hi Jarrod,

    That is a great Blog, the facts that you present in the blog are amazing! Goes to show just how wasteful we can be when it comes to water.


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